Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rereading the Classics

Yes, I read and then reread books over and over again.

So this past week, I reread the 1930s classics, When Worlds Collide and After Worlds Collide.

Sometimes it's hard to read older books. There's terms that we don't use any more and plenty of social/political beliefs that are completely outdated and, honestly, offensive.

And omg, the books are so, so White. Not that there's anything wrong with being White, but except for a mention of a "Negro" singing (at least they didn't use the N-word), and one continuing character and the Japanese bad guys who were continuously called the "J-word," the characters were so, so, well... White!

No Native Americans, no Arabic peoples, no East Asians, no Pacific Islanders, no other Asians, no Africans, no African-Americans (that were mentioned anyway)...

I wonder if these books are out of copyright yet?

I'd like to do some judicious editing and reprint them, and then add a couple more books to the series, like the South African spaceship that was briefly mentioned, and maybe an Aussie and also a South American group that included indigenous peoples. Pick up the story upon landing on Bronson Beta, maybe on the other continent, and their struggles to survive, since they don't have the large cities built by the extinct original inhabitants. (Gets hotter underground, hmmm, live in mining facilities or deep caves maybe, where it would be warm, and set up a power plant with the remains of the spaceship(s) for lights, etc?)  

It would be interesting, huh?

I have an idea for an anthology too, based on something Andre Norton mentioned in two of her books, but NOT using Norton's stories or characters. Just the idea. But that will have to wait until I can afford to do it right.

So, back to my crime noir meets urban fantasy book. I'm only at 3400 words, so I have a longgggg way to go before November!

Or back to making money. One of the two... 

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