Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Well Duh!!!

I recently had this guy tell me that my blogs were self indulgent.

Well duh!!

Aren't blogs inherently indulgent? We talk about our lives, our kids, our houses, our vacations, our hobbies.

Yes, dude was trying to insult me, but I didn't take it that way. I had a good laugh at his expense.

When someone is trying to push your buttons, insult you, act a fool, don't take it so seriously. Too many people are just so serious about all this (yes, me too).

Listen, have a good laugh and move on. If you're going to hang out in this vast kindergarten that we call the Internet, you're going to have to grow a thick skin and not let immature people bother you. Remember, they have zero credibility in your real life. Actually they don't have any impact on your virtual life either -- unless you take the bait.

Have a good laugh and move on.

LOL, self indulgent?

Well duh!!! Yes, of course it is!

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