Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where Have I Been??

Oh my, it's been that long since I posted? Where have I been??

Well, I've been hecka, hecka busy preparing for a Stand Down.

Plus, at work, one of the big bosses decided that we needed an annual report for our part of the agency. Guess whose desk it landed on? Friday am, he wanted it COMPLETE by Wednesday.

Well, it was actually another week before it was complete and posted, but I got it done. The fact that I'd done the job, only needing a few things to finish it, and oh my, he loved it BUT just wanted a few things moved around.

Yes, we know what that means.

A complete redesign.

But they're all happy, so joy, joy, another project completed. Another upcoming project for next year.

Success does have its own punishments.

Do a project well, for sure you'll be working on it next year!

In any case, more importantly, I've been really busy preparing for the Stand Down.

What is a Stand Down? It's an event, in our case a three day encampment, meant to "hook up" homeless and at-risk Veterans with VA, County and community services.

Too many of our Veterans are homeless. Some stats suggest up to 25% of homeless are Veterans. That's just shameful.

So we plan for a year, putting together this event to help our Veterans get their lives back on track.

I know, for some, it's just a good time, a haircut, a flu shot, three hots and a cot [in a tent] and they can even leave if they choose.

But for some, this is the first step in turning their lives around. This is their first step Home.

So this year's even was a rousing success, nearly 200 Veterans plus 20 or 30 dependents received assistance with VA medical, signing up for County services, seeing the Judge for small offenses like traffic tickets, panhandling, camping and other infractions, and much, much more.

It's a good feeling, to be one of the people who are saying to the men and women who have sacrificed so much of their lives in service to their country, saying: "Welcome Home!"

"Welcome Home."

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