Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Last Day Of Summer

Yes, today is the last day of summer.

So what are we doing today?

We're going to the skate park and having cake and ice cream for my youngest son's birthday! We've done this several years in a row and it's really fun. The boys get together again. So far old friends, his brother, his dad and family, and more are supposed to be there.

I'm wondering if I should take hot dogs too, boys use a lot of energy.

We go to that particular skate park because we used to live in that town. Also, because the skate park is pretty fun, if there's wheels on it, the kids are using it. Skateboards, skates, inline skates, bikes, I even saw a kid on a unicycle there one day. It's not like the skate park here in West Sacramento, they don't allow bikes.

The boys really enjoy it.

Sigh, so Mom had better get busy, the truck needs to be packed up, have to go to the store, etc, etc, etc.

Much to do.

Oh, and yeah, I have a mini TV that runs on batteries. No need to miss ALL of the Raider's game, LOL! Even in black and white, football is FOOTBALL!!

See yah in the Fall!!
(Oh, hey, that's tomorrow, LOL!)

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