Monday, September 1, 2008

My New Book

For my friends who've been asking, yes, I'm still working on my novel.

It's going to take a good while, I like my fiction, especially near future fiction, to have a factual basis. I'm not going to just make something up, it needs to be scientifically plausible.

Fortunately, my sister is a geologist, teacher, and fellow sci-fi fan, so when I'm to that point, I'll ask her to read it and see what she says. Trust me, my family is not known for being tactful. If she thinks it's boring, she'll tell me.

But I'm only on Chapter 3, so there is still much writing and then rewriting to do. Since I really only work on it on Sunday afternoons during my son's Skate and Shoot practice at the hockey rink, it's going to take a good while...

Actually, it's going to take even longer, since my ex and his wife have been showing up at the rink. They are simply not capable of leaving me alone to work and my book is NOT ready to share.

Today, being Labor Day, I've got to get busy, I have a LOT of labor to do around the house today.

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