Monday, February 4, 2008

Best Super Bowl I've Seen In Years!

Man, that was the BEST Super Bowl I've seen in years! Exciting, not a blow out, plenty of hard hitting and a few fights trying to break out.

That was a GOOD game.

And I was even rooting for NY!

Being the rabid Raider fan that I am, I had to pick a team and I sure wasn't going to root for New England (think: tuck rule). Oh heck no!!

But you know what. The ads sucked.

And the one with the energy drink and tow truck driver, omg, I will NEVER be able to look one of those in the face again. All I'll think of is that guy with the jumper cables.... UGH! Who came up with that? No, no, no.

The only ones I even thought were decent was the Coke ad with the floats, the lizards dancing to Thriller, and the Clydesdale with the Dalmation. Although I did laugh when the giant pigeons dropped the car into the office, and dude cut the car alarm -- it was his own car.

But in general, what the heck?

Happily, I was watching the game and I really had a great time. And we were all jumping up, on our feet and yelling when NY got that last touchdown.

And there's always NEXT YEAR! GO RAIDERS!!!!!

Oh, and Jordan Sparks did a fine job on the National Anthem. I was proud of her.

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