Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Move to Oregon Is Finally Finished!

Thank the Good Lord and my parents.

We rolled out of here at 5:35 am, got to West Sacramento, loaded the big trailer in an hour (hey, when everything is in a storage and neatly stacked, it's a whole lot easier than moving out of a house), spent the night in Woodland and drove back here. We did have to stop and tarp the trailer south of Redding. I didn't expect it to not only rain, but come down in buckets.

So, well, honestly, the stuff is still on the trailer. I've decided that Monday, my son and I will dedicate a day to rearranging the entire garage and unloading all the boxes and bins from the trailer.

It's a good feeling.

Although on a sad note, just so you all know, my friends, the freaking bank turned down a CASH offer on my little house. So it's not my little house anymore. They have it up for sale for only 8K more than the cash offer. Are they crazy or what?

I'm going to settle in here for a few years, get my life in order and save money. I WILL buy again. But by then, I'll really just need two bedrooms, an office/library, and a nice big garage for my stuff. A finished attic would be very nice, then I could manage with two bedrooms, one for me and one for my library and set up the attic for my guests/kids.

Life is still good.

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