Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Importance of Your Book Cover

Yes, I know, it's "JUST" for your new e-book.

Don't discount the importance of a flashy cover.

I've been playing with text and simple graphics to make some fun covers for my future projects. (NOTE: These are MY covers! If you want a book cover, you can contact me, if it's a simple e-book, I don't charge much to put it together for you.)

For example, this is a book that I haven't actually written yet. Murder mystery for sure, but urban fantasy with vampires or pseudo-vampires? What do you think?

Continuing with the midnight murder mystery theme:

Of course, some of you might be a little too young to know the Oasis reference. Lets just say, it was a very popular song and I'm showing my age that I even remember it...

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