Sunday, August 16, 2009

More On The American Idol Experience

Well, as I wrote before, we went to American Idol.

While the experience was interesting, I'm not sure we'll go again. My daughter's decision, not mine.

Judging by the immense talents that we saw, who did NOT make it through, it's essentially a crap shoot on whether or not you make it. As my girl said, it's all about their show, their product, and not about the best singers at all.

I think back on the talent we've seen on the show, vs the talent we saw in Pasadena, and yes, the girl is totally right.

I am so proud of her to figure this out at her young age.

So here's a few news articles and as soon as I find the clip that has my girl in it, I'll post that too.

Ah, and here we are!

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