Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Library Idea

I wish that I had more time to read.

I probably spend too much time with my nose in my books, or on the Internet.

But I LOVE to read.

Once upon a time, I considered having a private library.

I thought of something like a homework library which would stay open from 3pm until 10 or 11pm. I'd have a few computers for use by students, it could be contracted with the school or private membership or even a minimal charge for daily use.

Maybe even have a few tutors or community type classes available.

The whole idea was this: Your child informs you at 8:30 at night that they need to finish a report that's due TOMORROW!

What to do?

You take that child to my study library, drop him off. He has books, reference materials, Internet access and a printer available to him. It's quiet, he's not driving you crazy with questions you can't answer. There's no TV, no distractions for him.

You pick him up at 11pm and if he didn't have time to completely finish his project, he at least has enough materials and the work he's already done burned to a CD and a hard copy in hand. With that, he can beg the teacher for another day to finish up.

It's a thought. As much as I love books, it would be fun. Another excuse to buy more books!

It's a thought...

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