Sunday, November 23, 2008

We Give Thanks Today

My parents are here for the weekend, so while they're out at the gun club at the Toys 4 Tots shoot, I'm cooking.

Here's the menu:

Smoked turkey
Dressing with sausage and chard
Mashed potatoes
Yams with brown sugar and pineapple
Pea salad (green peas, cheese, mayo, Ranch dressing and spices)
Apple Walnut Salad
Sweet potato pie
Apple pie

Still debating about mac and cheese....

Tomorrow, they go back to Oregon, and I'll be at work. Next weekend will be my long weekend and I have MUCH to do.

Yes, we'll have turkey again on Thanksgiving Day, I'll smoke a small turkey and we'll go to my neighbor's for dinner.

We are truly blessed to be together today.

We give thanks today, and every day.

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