Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Update On The Leak

Whew! Not as bad as I feared.

The freaking contractor left a low spot that got a puddle of standing water. Of course at a spot where the roofing paper has a seam.

So I have the Henry's, I have the tape, I have a friend coming over today. We're just going to use the Henry's, tape over the seams, more Henry's, and level out that low spot.

And while we're at it, I have a caulking gun and plenty of tubes of roof repair tubes to go around every bit of flashing.

I'll fix the ceiling in the spring, after I'm sure I've fixed the leak.

FYI folks, if you ever have a leak, punch a small hole through the ceiling where the water is coming through. Now you can make sure it drains out into a bucket and you don't have to worry about the ceiling falling in. Believe me, it will dry out just fine, especially if you leave it open for a while. Also, it will be way easier to patch a little hole than to redo the entire ceiling.

I was thinking about repainting my ceiling anyway, there's a new product that you add to the paint that helps insulate. Interesting stuff, I'll talk about it later in another post.

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