Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wish Upon A Hero

I've recently come across a wonderful website called Wish Upon A Hero,

Talk about a wonderful place.

It's all about fulfilling wishes, needs, wants for people.

It's a very simple concept. You post what you wish or want. People comment if they choose, donate if they choose, give helpful hints and often just plain sympathy for the situation. If they choose to donate, they can use PayPal, so their personal information remains private.

It's a neighbor helping neighbor kind of thing.

Just since I came upon it, I've seen people asking for such simple things as a sandwich and much larger things like groceries/grocery money after a power outage wiped out their food.

I'm pretty new, so I'm going to keep checking it out and reading the wishes and wants.

Wish Upon A Hero.

If only we didn't need such websites -- and thank God we have them!!

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