Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I've been re-reading some of my Darkover novels, by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Darkover was huge in the 70s.

A complex world, mistaken by Terrans as a feudal culture, Darkover is filled with angst, conflict, death and life. A telepathic society that has already had its Age of Chaos, Darkover chooses to remain independent of Terran technology.

I've really been enjoying re-reading my old friends.

I would recommend starting the series with Darkover Landfall and then working your way through them chronologically. Well, as much as you can, since the books are all loosely set on Darkover, but were written over a long period of time. So the "first" book was actually written much later than the "last" book of the series.

Darkover, highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...

Have you read any of Deborah J. Ross's Darkover novels? I recently read the Clingfire Trilogy and just finished The Alton GIft. Ross has done a good job of capturing MZB's world, IMHO.

Now I am beginning to re-read the entire series and trying to pick up some of the missing books in my collection.

Razzberry Jam said...

Ooooo, no! I didn't know anyone was writing Darkover novels! I hope they're better than the guy who's writing new Andre Norton books. I've been so disappointed with the characters. (Great ideas and premises, but the characters definitely aren't Norton characters.) Thanks, I'll have to check the books out!