Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Quick Tip -- Format Before Writing!

Before you begin writing your short story or novel, save time and money by formatting your paragraphs.

Use the paragraph function and avoid tabs and double-spacing like poison. When you're finished writing, your document will be preformatted and ready to drop into an e-book or book file.

Begin by opening a new page in Word and clicking on "Paragraph." Set your paragraph format as follows: Alignment: Left; Outline level: Body Text; Indentation, both Left and Right: 0; Special at First line: 0.5; Spacing, both Before and After: 0; and Line spacing: Single

I've attached a screen shot of the Paragraph dialogue box for your convenience.

Once your paragraph is formatted, just start writing.

Whether you use a book designer or do it yourself, you've just ensured that your book will have a professional, finished appearance on the computer, Kindle and in your paperback or hard cover editions. 

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