Saturday, May 7, 2011

The First Week

Well the first week of retirement still feels like a week of Fridays (I used to have every other Friday off). Every day I get up, get a kid off to school, then come back and attempt to write.

I say attempt because my daughter is in the process of moving out! We spent all day yesterday painting the tiny little duplex she's renting (yes, Mom has been bleeding money) and have to go back to finish painting all the trim and the kitchen dining area. I must say that she's doing a good job -- of course I'm following along and touching up.

But, but, but, curses upon whoever used FLAT paint on the window and door trims. And it's a horrible almost brownish beige that looks like they mixed it with whatever was lying around that day. What the heck were they thinking? It's going to take at least two coats of a good semi-gloss to cover that mess. Maybe three. AND they painted the doors that color too!! I may need another can of cream-colored paint...

So, my little singer is also a decorator. The bathroom, a lovely shade of light grey with hints of lilac. Looks great with the grey floor and tiles. The bedroom is orchid. Gorgeous. And the living room is "Homemade Butterscotch". A little dark, hope the landlord doesn't have a cow, but beautiful. It will look fabulous with her leopard print sofa and chair!

She is incredibly excited, as she should be. Her first place and it's not even an apartment and relatively cheap, only about $100 more than a studio would be. Not too shabby.

I really should take pictures...

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