Sunday, March 20, 2011

The New Mercy Thompson - River Marked

Oh my gosh that was good! I read it cover to cover last night and it was great!

Now, some reviewers complained because a lot of the book was just Mercy and Adam. But (no spoilers here), it was freaking awesome and took some twists and turns that will just blow your mind.

Once again, Patricia Briggs has given us an awesome urban fantasy, complete with fae, werewolf and coyote.

This is a must read for the urban fantasy fan. But start with the first book, Moon Called, don't start in the middle of the series. (I HATE it when I find a book I like and realize I've started in the middle. Then I have to hunt down all the rest of the books...)

On a side note: I have a question - How old is Bran? Really, I'm serious. If Asil is 1300 years old and Bran is older, just how old are Bran and his oldest son Samuel? I'd like to see some more info in future books, either the Alpha and Omega series or in Mercy's series.

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