Friday, September 18, 2009

Writing On eHow

I've been writing articles on

Since my main newsletter at work has been canceled due to budget, I've had to find other ways to keep those creative juices flowing.

Non-fiction is a good way to do that. The process of writing out how to do something, step-by-step, is good practice for plotting the fiction novel too.

Writing is like art, whether fiction or non-fiction, whether painting or decorating or designing, some principles are the same. They overlap. Step-by-step instructions, or plotting the next chapter (or the whole book) follow the same principles. Organize, outline, write, edit, rewrite, it's all the same concept.

Anyway, I've been enjoying writing on eHow. And the little bit of money I make at it helps too!

I've only written 64 articles so far. I've been trying to take the time and go back, rewriting some of my early articles to better fit the eHow format.

What's great is that the passive income adds up, penny by penny. If you make $10 or more in a month, you'll find the payment in your paypal account the following month.

Every penny counts these days!

Here's a few of my eHow articles:

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