Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Yes, a great day!

It's absolutely beautiful out there today -- a fabulous day the Lord has Blessed us with!! We didn't make it to church today, my daughter has been sick with the flu. But my house is filled with Tommy Goss and the Gospel Express this Blessed Day.

Let's see, it's a bit after 11am. I have a chocolate cake made, hard boiled eggs peeled and dyed, the macaroni and cheese is done. I still have to get the chicken out, we're frying chicken and the fresh fish my neighbor caught yesterday (yummy!!)

Oh, and I need to dash to the store, I forgot to buy ice cream and broccoli. I also need to make a pie crust, the sweet potato pie filling is thawing right now (The last time I made pies I made too much filling, so I froze the extra).

So the Easter menu is:
Fried Chicken
Fried Fish
Macaroni & Cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Sweet potato pie
Chocolate cake with ice cream

(And no, I don't do the Easter basket thing. The Easter bunny has no place in Resurrection Day -- not at my house!)

May your day be as Blessed as mine!

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