Sunday, January 20, 2008

Believe In Yourself

Ijajee's Story
Charlotte Declue (Osage)

When you are traveling
and find yourself alone,
it is not wise
to think of yourself as ignorant.
Because when you travel alone
you have no one to depend on
but yourself.
And would you trust someone
you thought to be ignorant?

Just say, "I do not understand."
These things that you do not
put them into a
carry them over your shoulder.
As time goes on,
the bag will get empty.

Songs From This Earth On Turtle's Back, Contemporary American Indian Poetry,
Copyright 1983 The Greenfield Review Press
Edited by Joseph Bruchac


Self reliance, confidence, believing in one's self...

The poet hit me it right where it hurts. I can't be doubting my Path. I need to just put the things I don't understand in a bag and carry them along. All will come clear in time.

All will become clear in the end...

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