Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh, The Drama!

Oh me, oh my!

Oh, the drama! My darling girl dropped her cell phone at the doctor's yesterday evening, in the bathroom. She didn't realize until we were leaving, so she RAN back and omgosh, it was gone!

The doctor felt bad too, she was just leaving when we were. So she checked with housekeeping, daughter checked with Security.

No phone.

And Mom is broke as a joke this week. Double oh no!

Now, we do have insurance on the cell phone, so off we go to Verizon. Sigh, a $50 deductible AND you have to file the claim with the 800 number, so the phone is shipped to you.

Another oh no!

So, Mom starts thinking outside the box. Wait, Dad used to have Verizon, does he still have his old phone? Call him, quick!

Yayyy, Dad has his phone and is willing to give it to her. So off we go, the mad dash to pick up the phone and get to the other store (closer to his house). We made it in plenty of time. So the nice lady who's going to transfer the number to the old phone starts the process.

Oh no! That old phone is not 911 compliant, so it can't be done. At this point, my head is throbbing and I'm grateful she's scheduled to spend the night at her friend's house.

Sigh. OK, Mom has done all she can do.

Daughter is dropped off at her friend's and I head for home, kinda bummed out for daughter and also because there was this surplus sale with some GREAT old chairs that I missed out on. (Darn it all, they went for only $16 each, and I wanted these for my own house, not for resale on That's Mom's little hustle for extra cash. But daughter is more important than chairs, I can always buy more...)

So now I'm driving home and talking to my sister. She offered to mail us her old phone and we're talking about it. I'm nearly halfway home. The phone beeps. I switch over and it's a young man's voice "Did your daughter lose her cell phone?"

Oh me, oh my! This sweet young man found the phone and forgot to turn it in to Security on his way out! So he remembered and called me. I made a U-turn and headed back. Got lost on the way to his house, but did find it and picked up the phone.

You should have seen that girl's face when I showed up on the doorstep with her phone in hand. She was so darn happy!

"I knew it, I knew it was that white boy with his mom in the lobby!"

LOL, I had to gently correct her. No, it was the cutie pie with dreads. Ooh, she was hoping he'd left his number then, but of course he hadn't, he'd called me on her phone. (Girls!)

My point of this is that you can't tell me that kids today are bad kids, my experience is that today's kids are WAY honest. Probably a little too honest and definitely lacking in tact. But I really believe that the next generation are good kids that will grow up to be great adults.

Last night just completely reaffirmed my faith in God and our teens. I prayed a short one for her and it took a few more minutes, but as always He came through for us. The one kid that was most likely to return the phone is the one that found it.


Thank you, young cutie pie, and thank you God for the lesson!!

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